Wrought Iron Fence Privacy Slats

Have an existing wrought iron fence, and want some privacy?
Wrought Iron Fence Privacy Slats

Complement your wrought iron fence with privacy fence panels.

If you own a wrought iron fence, it is probably big, heavy and gorgeous. If you have a black wrought iron fence and are looking for some privacy, we have a solution that won't hinder the fence's beauty or overall look.

Whether you need privacy on the entire fence or just a section, privacy picket panels snap onto your fence's pickets to create a private enclosure. When installed, the panels have a uniform look and blend almost seamlessly with the fence.

See the view by turning your slats 90°.

What's really different and unique about our privacy slats is that they are able to turn 90°. If you want to watch the sun rise, you can! Owning a wrought iron fence with pickets gives you this versatility, unlike chain link fence privacy slats that slip into the mesh and are stationary.

You can turn all of the slats, half of them, or alternate pickets to create a funky look that provides 50% privacy. Turning the slats won't harm your fence pickets.

Our privacy slats are available in a range of sizes to fit your fence.

Every fence is unique, from its size, picket width and style to its material and manufacturer. That's why our panels are available in a range of sizes to fit your wrought iron fence's pickets and height. Black in color, our privacy panels will match any black wrought iron fence.

Available Sizes
Slats are available to fit 5/8", 3/4", and 1" pickets.
Privacy slats come in packs to fit 6' or 8' wide fence sections. 4', 5', and 6' high panels are available.

If you'd like to lock your fence slats in place, and not be able to turn them, we recommend purchasing privacy locks. If your pickets are spaced wider apart, you may want to purchase extender clips to get 100% privacy coverage.

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Privacy Slats for Wrought Iron Fencing

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