Privacy Slats for 5/8" Pickets

Privacy Slats for 5/8" Pickets
A. Privacy Lock (Optional)
B. Privacy Slat
C. Extender Clip (Optional)
Picket Size: 5/8"
Panel Length: 4.86"

Transform your existing fence with privacy picket panels.

Don't feel locked into a non-private space just because you own a fence with pickets. You don't have to sacrifice privacy with fence slats. It's easy to turn your aluminum, steel, or wrought iron fence into a private oasis with privacy slats.

Our unique privacy slats literally "snap" onto the pickets of your fence, making it private. They were designed to be outside, and are made with UV and embrittlement resistors.

Privacy picket panels are black in color and are great for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Our panels can turn 90°, allowing you to see the view beyond your fence whenever you want. Turning them doesn't harm your fence in any way.


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