Privacy Slat Accessories

Want to lock your ornamental fence privacy slats, or need them to be wider for more coverage?
Check out the accessories we offer.

Privacy Slat Extender Clip
A. Extender Clip
B. Privacy Lock

About Extender Clips

If you have pickets that are spaced wider apart than the average, you may need extender clips. Extender clips simply clip onto the sides of each privacy slat and increase their width. They are available in the same height as your slats.Privacy Slat Extender Clip

About Privacy Locks

Our fence slats for aluminum, steel or wrought iron fence can turn 90 degress. If you won't be turning them, you can buy locks to lock the panels into place. You can slide the locks off if you decide you want to be able to turn the slats later. Locks also hide the seam where the slats snap onto your fence. Locks come in the same height as your slats.

Privacy Slat Lock

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