Aluminum Fence Privacy Slats

Create a private space with your existing aluminum fence.

Aluminum Fence Privacy Slats Before and After

Introducing a solution for making your existing aluminum fence private.

Perhaps you've spent time, money and energy purchasing and installing a beautiful aluminum fence, only to realize you wish you had gone with a privacy fence. There's no need to ruin your existing fence by screwing boards or panels onto it, nor is there a need to replace it all together. We're here with an exciting, economical solution to change your aluminum fence into a privacy fence.

Aluminum fence privacy slats turn your aluminum fence into a private enclosure, without the hassle. If you're worried about drilling holes into your expensive fence, have no fear - these privacy slats require no screws or holes. They snap onto your pickets without ruining the finish, and blend in with your black aluminum fence perfectly.

Want to see the view? These privacy panels turn 90°!

That's right - another unique aspect of our privacy picket panels is that they can turn. If you wish to have privacy in the morning and afternoon, but want to see the sunset at dusk, you are able to turn the privacy panels 90°. This is also a great feature if you wish to redirect a breeze. Turning the panels won't harm your fence pickets.

Since you install the panels on your existing fence, you are in control over where you want the panels. You might want panels over half you fence, or perhaps you want to alternate fence sections and have plants climb the sections in between to create a natural barrier mixed with slats.

Our black privacy panels for aluminum fence are perfect for your everyday backyard fence.

Aluminum fence privacy panels are black in color and will fit in with your residential fence. They can also be used for commercial or industrial settings, such as covering a dumpster to hinder the smell.

All fence manufacturers are different, so fences come in different styles. The black fence privacy slats we sell will match any black aluminum fence, no matter the style.

Available Sizes
Slats are available to fit 5/8", 3/4", and 1" pickets.
Privacy slats come in packs to fit 6' or 8' wide fence sections. 4', 5', and 6' high panels are available.

If you'd like to lock your fence slats in place, and not be able to turn them, we recommend purchasing privacy locks. If your pickets are spaced wider apart, you may want to purchase extender clips to get 100% privacy coverage.

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Rotating Aluminum Fence Privacy Slats

Our slats are versatile. Have complete privacy, turn a few 90° for some privacy, or turn them all to see beyond your fence.
When you turn them all, it's almost as if you never installed privacy slats.


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