How To Install Ornamental Fence Privacy Slats

Installing Ornamental Fence Privacy Slats


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Learn how to install privacy picket panels.

Installing these privacy slats is a snap, literally!

Required Tools

To cut and install your panels, you will need a miter saw or band saw, a drill with a 1/4" drill bit, and a rubber mallet.

Step 1: Cut panels, locks, and optional extender clips to size

Measure the area you would like the privacy picket panels to cover. Since fence manufacturers vary, this is a very important step. Measure the length of your pickets from the bottom of your channel to the top of your bottom channel. This will give you a dimension to start cutting your pickets. We recommend cutting 1/4" shorter than your measurement. This will allow for expansion.

Step 2: Snap the panels onto the fence

Pry open the top of the privacy panel with your fingers. Line it up with the fence picket and snap on. Use the rubber mallet to tap the panel into place, making sure it's secure all the way down.

*If you are using extender clips* Step 3: Drill and secure with clips and buttons

Take an extender clip, start from the top and slide down the privacy panel. This will line right up and lock in place. Take your drill and drill a hole on the center line of the extender clip. You can use as few or as many buttons as needed to secure the extender clip to the privacy panel.

Normally, you will need about 3 or 4 buttons for 4' and 5' panels, and more for taller panels. Take the button, line it up with the hole, and push hard to lock it. It will make a snapping sound.

Important installation information:

• Install panels when temperatures are above freezing.
• Cut panels and clips 1/4" shorter for expansion.
• Use a 1/4" drill bit. Put one button in the middle of the extender clip on center line. You can put a button every foot if you choose. Press firmly to snap into place.
• Do not adjust the clips on width by cutting - just push up tight against the post. This helps keep the panels straight and reduces the chances of warping panels.

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