What's great about privacy slats for steel, wrought iron, and aluminum fencing?

Fence Privacy SlatNo screws are needed to install these slats.
• You have an existing, beautiful fence. Don't punch holes it to make it private. Screwing into your fence decreases its value, and if you ever want to take your slats off, you'll be left with ugly holes. By going with our screwless slats, you'll never have this problem.

Get the best of both worlds: privacy with the option of an open view.
• The slats we carry are able to give you both full complete privacy and a 90° angle of view. This is a fantastic feature if you want to see the scenic view beyond your fence from time to time, or redirect a breeze.

Our slats are inexpensive.
• Perhaps you only want to cover half of you fence, or just a few sections. Our slats are sold by the fence section, so you can buy just the right amount for your fence.

Simple, fast installation.
• Since our slats literally "snap" onto your fence's pickets, it takes no time to create a private space. Ornamental fence privacy slats are so easy to install, you can do it yourself.

All of our slats will match your black fence.
• Our privacy slats are black in color, and will match any black aluminum, steel, or wrought iron fence.

Designed for the outdoors, our fence slats are low maintenance.
• All of our slats are made from durable PVC plastic and are specifically designed for outdoor use. Fabrication of the slats includes UV and embrittlement resistors, making them stand up to the sun, wind and erosion.

Get low shipping costs.
• The light weight material of our ornamental fencing privacy slats allows them to be shipped inexpensively. But don't mistake their weight for their durability - our slats are made for the elements and are built to last.

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Ornamental Fence Privacy Slats

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