Privacy Picket Panel Specifications

Ornamental Fence Privacy Slats Measurements
Ornamental Fence Privacy Slats Measurements

So you're interested in privacy slats?

Ornamental fence privacy slats are made of P.V.C. plastic and are specifically designed for outdoor use. Privacy slat picket panels allow you to create a complete enclosure, or leave some open for a semi-private view. Picket panels open at 90°, allowing you to open some or all of them. This is convenient if you want to watch the sun set or have a scenic view beyond your fence that you'd like to see.

Panels are available in the following sizes.

Picket Sizes: 5/8", 3/4" and 1" square

Heights: 4', 5', and 6'

Panels come in packs to fit 6' or 8' wide fence sections.

Have a scenic view beyond your fence? Turn your privacy panels 90° to see it.

Privacy Slats that Turn 90 Degrees
With our slats, you can have complete privacy, turn a few 90° for some privacy, or turn them all to see beyond your fence.
When you turn them all, it's almost as if you never put privacy slats on your fence.

Don't forget the accessories!

Depending on the picket spacing you have and how much privacy you want, you can order extender clips. Extender clips attach to the privacy panels and make them wider to fill larger gaps between pickets.

If you won't be opening and rotating your slats, we recommend purchasing privacy locks. Privacy locks snap onto the back of all privacy panels to secure and prevent them from opening up. If you won't be opening your slats for a scenic view, or want to ensure your slats stay closed for security purposes, privacy locks are a good investment.

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