Metal Fence Privacy Slats

Turn your metal fence into a privacy fence with our metal fence privacy slats

Do you own an aluminum fence or metal fence that you would like to be more private? What if you only want to have a privacy fence some of the time and not all of the time? Our metal fence privacy slats are just the solution you have been looking for.

Our metal fence privacy slats feature a unique design that allows them to rotate by 90 degrees, giving you the flexibility to turn your standard metal fence into a privacy fence whenever you feel the need for it, just by simply rotating the panels. We understand not everybody wants a privacy fence 24/7, and with our unique panels you can choose to open the panels and enjoy the view, or close the panels and secure your privacy.

These panels are made with UV resistors and manufactured out of high quality materials that ensures you these metal fence privacy slats will last ages. There's no need to spend a fortune replacing your fence when you can upgrade it to feature our panels cheaper and easier.

No matter the size of your fence pickets, we have a metal fence privacy slat that is sure to fit. If your fence pickets are a little undersized, we have fillers that slide down into the top of the picket panels and take up the slack, making our slats fit snug.

If you have any questions about our metal fence privacy slats please feel free to call us toll free at (800) 878-7829 to order or learn more, or if you're ready to order you can visit our request a quote page.

metal fence privacy slats

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