Transform your aluminum, steel, or wrought iron picket fence into a privacy fence with unique, simple slats.


Privacy Picket PanelOrnamental fences are beautiful, but usually lack privacy. Fence slats create a private enclosure without taking away from the fence. Our unique privacy picket panels install directly onto your existing aluminum, steel, or wrought iron fence without drilling holes in your fence.

You may desire more privacy if your fence surrounds a private park, pool, hot tub, dumpster, dog park or back yard. Ornamental fence privacy slats give you the private enclosure you want, for the right price. Perfect for any application, our privacy panels match any black fence, and can turn 90 degrees, allowing you to see beyond the fence whenever you want.

All fence manufacturers are different, and styles and sizes vary. If you're wondering if privacy slats will fit your fence, have no fear. There's an ornamental privacy picket panel for every fence. Our panels fit 5/8", 3/4" and 1" pickets. No matter how old or new your fence is, it probably has one of these common picket sizes.

Whether you're looking to keep prying eyes off your property, lessen traffic noise, or prevent sun glare, ornamental fence privacy slats can help. Our slats are a beautiful, inexpensive product that provide the most versatility fence slats can offer. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

Pretty, Functional Design

If you're looking for some privacy in your yard, but don't want to take away from the beauty of your fence, privacy picket panels can help.

Turn Your Slats 90°

Have a nice view beyond your fence? Our slats can rotate 90 degrees, making them the most versatile privacy slats available.

Easy To Install, Easy To Maintain

Anyone can install privacy slats, and keeping them in good condition is a cinch. Made of durable PVC with UV resistors.

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